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Treating Lower Extremity Injuries

Treating Lower Extremity Injuries at Lumana Physical Therapy & Wellness Center in North Miami, FL

Lower extremity injuries are injuries that occur from the hip all the way to the toes. This includes the upper leg, lower leg, ankle, and foot. Orthopedic injuries may cause pain and it is the job of the physical therapists at Lumana Physical Therapy in North Miami to help you in pain management and recover range of motion and strength through physical therapy services.

The injury can be caused by a number of factors ranging from accidents, diseases, or overuse of any part in the lower extremity. Physical therapists at Lumana Physical Therapy & Wellness Center understand that such injuries cause you pain and would require you to go through their program. Their programs help you recover.

Immediate Treatment

Anyone can notice acute pain in their lower extremities. Physical therapists in North Miami, FL would advise you to get diagnosed on the onset of a dull pain. Early diagnosis can help with speedy recovery through preventive measures that can stop further pain and injury.

These measures include:

  • Rest when you feel pain in any part of the lower extremities
  • Warm up by stretching before undertaking a stressful activity
  • Wear comfortable shoes

Further Treatment

After taking immediate corrective measures and your pain still persists, consult for physical therapy at Lumana Physical Therapy & Wellness Center for further treatment. The programs at the facility are designed to help with pain management, improvement of flexibility and range of motion as well as balance.

The facility achieves this through exercise. They include stretching and strengthening exercises as well as balance and gait training.

Physical therapy at Lumana Physical Therapy & Wellness Center uses effective and efficient channels to ensure that the patient fully recovers from any lower extremity injury. If you may have more questions about such injuries, contact the facility for help.

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